Three Types of Senior Living Accommodations

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Many men and women who are fifty-five or older begin to consider senior living accommodations. After all, it makes sense if you are looking into downsizing from a family home. There are a variety of senior living accommodations available. Talking through your options with a personal counselor can be helpful.

Senior Living Accommodations and Your Choices

The three main types of living arrangements that are open to seniors:

  1. Assisted living.
  2. Independent living.
  3. Skilled nursing facilities.

A senior-oriented apartment complex or housing arrangement allows seniors to take advantage of not having the responsibilities and costs associated with keeping up a single-family home or condo. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or if you’re married, there’s a certain peace of mind when you’re surrounded by others in your own age group.

Often, the costs associated with senior living accommodations depend on the quantity of services. Also, if there is a level of care provided within the senior living accomodations. For example, in an independent living situation, the facility may provide a workout room, a craft room, and a pool. Maybe there is also a van that takes seniors to local shopping areas and events. Some places charge extra for these services, others include these services within a monthly fee.

In an assisted living situation, it’s not uncommon for residents to pay monthly fees averaging between $2000 and $5000 per person. If that person requires nursing care or needs to have someone at their side around the clock, then you can expect to pay much higher fees. Generally, it depends where these senior housing buildings are located as well as the amenities that are offered.

Choosing Your Own Home

There is another option that many seniors choose to take advantage of, and that is to remain in their own home as long as possible. Services are available for seniors who need some assistance with their daily living activities. Perhaps a senior would like to have someone perform simple housekeeping chores, do their grocery shopping, or take them to their doctor appointments.

In addition, some seniors who require skilled nursing assistance prefer to pay someone to come into their home than to be a resident of a senior nursing facility. But in the long run, it depends on the seniors preferences, and if they can afford the prices currently being charged. Sometimes senior living accommodations are the best option.

If you’re planning to move into senior living accommodations, take a drive through your city or a town close to you and look for areas that appeal to you. Grab a copy of a local newspaper to learn about locations and housing costs. Finally, set aside a Saturday or Sunday and have a friend or family member join you for a little adventure of touring two or three different senior facilities. Bring a list of questions and a checklist so you can compare your options. AARP has an assisted living checklist that is helpful, for example. You might be happily surprised at your discovery.

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