Transitioning to Assisted Living Communities: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Loved One

When someone you love is deciding between assisted living communities, it is the beginning of many changes.

When someone you love is deciding between assisted living communities, it is a time of many changes. Of course, for your loved one, but also for you. You are likely managing some aspects of the move, from downsizing belongings to navigating budgets. It can be an emotional time for all involved.

If you are seeking emotional guidance during this transition, get the help you need. Van Blarcom Consulting is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Talking through choosing a facility and adapting to the transition may help alleviate your stress and concerns.

How to Choose Between Assisted Living Communities

There are so many details to track when planning a move. So, it is important to have all your questions answered.

When touring a facility, ask about the privacy of units, meal plans, and if visitors can come and go at any time. There are guides on how to find the right facility and there are plenty of online checklists that can be helpful, too. If you do use a checklist, be sure to jot down additional questions that come to mind while going through the form.

Smoothing the Transition

As a family member or trusted friend, you are adjusting to the change along with the individual moving. It is important to process your feelings around this change.

Loved ones may feel guilty. But, feeling guilty does not improve the situation. Often, assisted living is chosen because of recent accidents or a chronic health condition. In these instances, and others, a facility can be the responsible choice. If the decision has been made that moving will benefit an individual’s health and well-being, then the move is for the best.

Once the move is made, keep in touch. Visit when you can to encourage your loved one to socialize and get involved in their new community. You can even attend events with them, if scheduling allows. Can’t visit? Stay in touch through phone calls and ask staff for updates.

Conversely, you want to give people space to transition to their new environment on their own, too. Talking through expectations with a professional can help you to determine how much visiting is best for your family situation.

Reaching Out for Help

When working through the transition, reach out to the staff of the assisted living facility. Take advantage of new resident orientations and take the time to learn about the different roles of individual staff members. Then, establish a primary contact. By establishing a key contact, it will be easier for you to advocate for your loved one.

In addition to all of the responsibilities you’ll be shouldering, it is essential you take care of yourself, too. Even after you have done all of your research on assisted living communities, found the right one, and managed the move of someone you love, there will likely still be times you could benefit from talking to someone outside of your family.

Prioritize yourself and get the help you need. Contact Kendall Van Blarcom today for counseling.

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