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Turn Life Around in 2015

turn life aroundThink about your life and what you’re not happy with right now. If you can’t think of something right now, think back to the last day or so. What did you complain about? What makes you frown?

Now that you have that in mind, let’s work on changing that in the New Year.

Many people, even happy ones, have something about their life they want to change. There’s always something that can be improved upon. A New Year is the perfect time to do that.

How to Make Changes in Your Life

Write it down. When you write something down, you make it real.

Once you have it written down, underneath it write down why this is such a problem in your life. Write down the consequences of it and why you want to change it.

This is the process of analyzing the situation you want to change. When you analyze it, your mind starts to work on it. You may even be surprised to come up with possible solutions as you’re writing down how to change that problem in your life. Don’t wait to write those down as you’re analyzing because you don’t want to lose valuable ideas.

After analyzing, you’re ready to figure it out. Think of every single possibility there is to change that part of your life. Even write down the things that you don’t believe are possible. It’s the way your mind goes through solving problems, so give it credit. It may just lead you to a possibility that will work for you.

As you’re writing all of these solutions, circle ones you immediately know will work. This will help you later.

With your solutions circled, it’s time to implement them to see which ones will help you change your life. You do this by planning first.

You may want to use a calendar to plan what you’ll do when. It will also help you track how well you are doing.

Once you have everything planned out, you’re ready to start making changes. The first day you have one of your solutions, you should try it. After trying that solution, write down what happened. Be sure to pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. These are all important in assessing whether the solution worked.

If the solution didn’t work, just move on to the next solution. Do the same thing with assessing the outcome. If it didn’t work, move on to the next one, and so on and so forth.

For some of the solutions, you may find that it improved your situation, but not enough. That might mean you need to tweak the solution a bit and try again. There’s no problem with doing that – it’s all part of discovering what will work for you.

Changing the Impossible

Some people will read this and think there isn’t anything they can do about their situation, especially with medical problems. While you may not be able to cure your medical condition, you can make it easier to handle using this technique. Instead of thinking about the medical condition as the problem, think about the consequences of it, and try to alleviate the stress of them.

Changing your life can be difficult. Contact me now to help you through this process, so 2015 can be a year of happiness for you.
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