What to Do When Facing Divorce After a Long Marriage

Help is available when facing divorce after a long marriage.

If you are wondering how couples manage divorce after a long marriage, you are not alone. While many assume that couples who have been together for decades will stay together, the reality is midlife splits are common.

When an individual feels their marriage is empty, they could decide it is time take their life in a new direction. If you are considering a divorce after a long marriage or if your spouse has made a move to separate, talking through this huge life change can help you determine your best path forward. A personal support counselor can help.

Communication, Unresolved Issues, and Kids Who Have Grown and Flown

Couples need to be able to communicate in order to have a healthy life together. When one or both people are quick to criticize or act defensive, it can be difficult to find a path to resolving disputes.

Communication problems can also include repeatedly digging up past issues. Unresolved fights that resurface can do harm repeatedly over the course of months, years, or decades. Individuals who have been considering leaving the marriage for years may find it hard to salvage the union.

For other couples, they find their main bond was raising children together. Then, once the children have grown up and left home, they find they do not share the same future goals. There can be problems connecting with one another once the nest is empty.

If you and your spouse have realized you have moved in different directions, it may be time to prioritize your own happiness moving forward. Divorce after a long marriage can be difficult, but it can also be an opportunity to pursue the kind of life you want and value.

Divorce After a Long Marriage due to Infidelity or Money Issues

Infidelity has lead to the end of many marriages. Some couples work through the breach of trust but other individuals find themselves furious, hurt, and ready to leave the marriage. If this is true for you, know there can be unexpected gains when you cope with painful feelings of betrayal. It can lead to a new beginning on the other side of the crisis, one filled with confidence and adventure.

Money issues also create emotional strain in marriages. There are times when one person in the marriage loves to spend and the other is constantly striving to save. In other situations, it was decided one parent would stay home with the kids while they were young but once they are older there is a conflict about the at-home spouse returning to work.

It may seem impossible when you are facing divorce after a long marriage, but a bright future is possible. Connect with a counselor to set realistic expectations for yourself and move your life toward the future you desire. You may have been wanting to make lifestyle changes for decades, now is the time to make those dreams a reality.

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