Why Meditation Is Good for Your Brain Health

meditate for better brain health

Brain health is an essential ingredient for a balanced, prosperous life. Constant stress can age your brain, but meditation can promote brain health. Studies have shown that a consistent meditation practice can decrease stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

If you are seeking guidance on how to meditate, contact Van Blarcom Consulting. Through guided visualization and meditation, you can learn various ways to relax your body and mind. Plus, brain health and physical health are intertwined. So, you may find mediation will increase your quality of life in multiple ways.

Chronic stress can be very harmful and meditation can help to counteract the damage ongoing stress can cause. For instance, it is known the brain shrinks with age. For the majority of people, brain shrinkage begins in their 20s. But, neurological research has shown that individuals who maintain a daily mediation practice exhibit less brain shrinkage over time.

Meditation Can Reduce Social Anxiety

If you struggle socially, meditation may help. Training yourself to be present, and not worry, can result in it being easier to express your thoughts and feelings. You may find it easier to talk to people in your community when you are maintaining a meditation practice and working toward optimal brain health.

Part of this healing process is training your mind to not be worried about what other people are thinking about you. Through meditation, clear your thoughts. Let go of anxiety and worries. Find a new way to be centered and assured.

In addition, meditation may enhance your ability to relate to other people, this is because research has shown more activity in the areas of the brain associated with empathy, particularly in meditators who maintain a daily practice for years. So, meditation can help you cope with your own social anxiety while learning to process the feelings of others. Both of these strengths can help you build a dynamic social life.

Meditation Can Help with Addiction

For people recovering from addiction, meditation can promote brain health while giving you a natural boost of good feeling. It is a tool people can use to feel good, to feel a natural high, without alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Part of the reason this happens is because mediation releases endorphins, a brain chemical that creates a feeling of pleasure and wellness.

Deal with Negative Emotions to Improve Brain Health

It is common to have a distressing thought but not want to face it. To push the feeling down rather than confronting the thought and the attached anxieties or worries. Through meditation, it is possible to reduce stress by relieving individuals of these thoughts. The process of clearing the mind, especially when a daily meditation practice is in place, helps the mind cope with these worrisome ideas.

Are you ready to live a better life? Here are more tips for optimal brain health.

Also, if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, and fears, seek help. Make healthy habits, including meditation, part of your life. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting for more information on how to improve your life.

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