Why Seeking Help from a Senior Is the Best Kind of Help

Why Seeking Help from a Senior Is the Best Kind of Help

Why Seeking Help from a Senior Is the Best Kind of HelpThe tagline for Van Blarcom Consulting is “A senior helping seniors…”

The reason this is the tagline is that I am a senior. Since I am a senior, I understand what seniors go through in life. I know the challenges:

  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Relational

Life isn’t easy, as we all know already, but the Golden Years presents some unique problems that may have never been dealt with before, or at least in the combination they are now. For instance, you may have had financial issues in the past, but they probably were not worsened by physical problems and the growing need for medical care that just leads to more bills. You may have had relationship problems, but they may not have been compounded with mental issues that keep you from seeing situations as clearly as you did before.

With personal consulting, you can have someone by your side helping you with these situations that seem so difficult to deal with right now. You can have someone to talk with and iron it all out, so you can start to make sense of it all. You know how when you sit and think for days on end without coming to a resolution about something? Well, with personal consulting you can come to a solution much faster.

But Why a Senior?

If you’ve ever tried to speak with someone who is much younger than you, it might have not made you feel better. That person may have met you with opposition. He/She may have remarked that he/she doesn’t understand why you feel that way and why don’t you just do this or that. This can make you feel so un-validated, which can be quite depressing.

When you work with a personal consultant like me – Kendall Van Blarcom, you will be able to feel as though someone understands. You’ll be free to speak as long as you want. You can purchase as many sessions as you need – you’re not committed to anything. This is what is so great about personal consulting…it’s all about you, and you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone. I love the work I do because I firmly believe I help seniors live better lives.

It’s time to get the help you need to improve the quality of your life. Personal consulting can do that for you. I am available whenever you need me, as long as you make an appointment. All sessions are conducted over the phone, which means it’s confidential. You receive support from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about transportation. Just pick up the phone to have a session. No one will ever know you are seeking help from a personal consultant. It’s all just between you and me.

Contact me now to schedule a personal consulting session. It may just be that one thing in your life that will make the difference. You can feel better because you’ll have the support, guidance, and freedom to express your mind. It’s exactly what you need from someone who knows what life is like right now.

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